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Legendary Taste of Balinese Coffee

Bali Coffee Banyuatis is a coffee manufacturing company registered as CV. Pusaka Bali Persada. It processes raw coffee bean to various ready-to-consume coffee products and distributes them nation-wide. The leading product of Bali Coffee Banyuatis use selected Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, handpicked from the best quality coffee plantation all around Bali while conserving the traditional way of processing the beans. The authentic Balinese coffee flavor is preserved by utilizing firewood to store, assort, and roast coffee beans. All products are made from 100% pure coffee without any added preservatives or other ingredients. Bali Coffee Banyuatis focuses on continuous product development and quality improvement to strive for high market acceptance rate.

The History of Bali Coffee Banyuatis



Banyuatis is a plantation village in Buleleng Region – North Bali, renowned for its Robusta coffee production. The story of Bali Coffee Banyuatis began in 1900s by Jro Dalang Gelgel, a coffee farmer in Banyuatis village. Looking at great potential in coffee produces from his farm, he started his own home industry to process coffee beans.



The story continued, and in 1950 Putu Dalang – the son of Jro Dalang Gegel continued his father’s business. He focused more on improving the plantation system and bean assorting method in his farm. With his consistent effort and work, his coffee plantation then produced the best quality coffee beans. Putu Dalang introduced his coffee in his own simply-built coffee shop.


The brand “Banyuatis Coffee” started in 1975 and was initiated by Ketut Englan – the son of Putu Dalang. He introduced the brand based on the fact that there were lots of people favoring in his father’s coffee over the other. As simple as it might sound, the brand “Banyuatis” came from the name of his village as he wanted it to be remembered easily by the people. With his brand getting more and more famous every day, he decided to expand his coffee distribution to all over Bali. He then significantly increased his production rate by building a coffee processing factory in Singaraja, the main city in Buleleng Region – North Bali.

Banyuatis Coffee, also known as Bali Coffee Banyuatis, is well-known all-around Bali, Nusa Tenggara, and now starting to get into Java. Bali Coffee Banyuatis continues its innovation to produce trending coffee products favored by coffee lovers.

Gede Pusaka Harsadena

Gede Pusaka Harsadena

Owner Of Bali Coffee Banyuatis


Under the firm leadership of Gede Pusaka Harsadena – the son of Ketut Englan, Bali Coffee Banyuatis has transformed into the biggest coffee powder producing company in Bali.

Ketut Radinna Wikantari

Ketut Radinna Wikantari

CEO Of Bali Coffee Banyuatis


Resposible for managing the whole company organizational structure and marketing strategy.


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