Kopi Bali

Bali Coffee Banyuatis

Bali Coffee Banyuatis is a coffee manufacturing company registered as CV. Pusaka Bali Persada. It processes raw coffee bean to various ready-to-consume coffee products and distributes them nation-wide. The leading product of Bali Coffee Banyuatis use selected Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, handpicked from the best quality coffee plantation all around Bali while conserving the traditional way of processing the beans.

100% Authentic Bali Coffee

All products are made from 100% pure coffee without any added preservatives or other ingredients.

Bali Coffee Banyuatis began in 1960

The story of Bali Coffee Banyuatis began in 1960 by KETUT ENGLAN

Great Quality Product

Bali Coffee Banyuatis focuses on continuous product development and quality improvement to strive for high market acceptance rate.